Voice Services

Bringing the functionality of voice to your M2M device

Real-time integration

Pod Solutions offers total control of your voice enabled M2M/IoT applications through both API and SIP based integration.

Network interoperability

Unite services with Pod’s pioneering multi-IMSI SIM card for best suited connectivity, specific to location and network coverage.


Reliable voice channels

Ideal for use in mission-critical applications where control and reliability are paramount.

What we offer

Pod Solutions caters for voice enabled mobile service applications with deep integration to the mobile network. Services are controlled through an API and SIP based fusion to enable real-time assimilation with external systems.

Voice Services

  • Call control via SIP and / or API control to allow web-based applications to provide call control based on subscriber, originating network, called destination and duration
  • Re-routing of calls based on destination to chosen SIP carrier
  • SIP based carrier integration
  • Real-time API control using HTTP / XML
  • Closed User Group controls

Mobile Originated calls

  • Calls can be re-routed to your own private SIP connection, or a SIP based carrier for onward termination
  • Supports short-code, Closed User Group and bespoke dialing plans.

Mobile Terminated calls

  • SIP based call delivery
  • Multiple Subscriber Identities, e.g. private or international mobile / fixed numbers

Combined with

Services can be combined with Pod’s ground-breaking multi-IMSI SIM card, designed to select the most appropriate service identity based on serving locality and available networks, whilst also providing significant service resilience for mission-critical applications.

Suitable for

  • Lone Worker services, where emergency calling is required to a manned call-centre
  • M2M / IoT applications requiring real-time voice integration
  • Dispatch and Tracking services requiring voice channel. e.g. logistics, taxi services
  • Corporate voice services with PBX type functionality
  • International roaming travel services, e.g. consumer, business traveller
  • Services requiring high levels of security and restricted calling

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