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Pod Protect

Keep your data flowing into the right hands

Securing IoT devices is a pain, especially if it is not given a second thought until a problem appears.

IoT devices don’t have the power to process traditional firewalls or anti-malware, and are often deployed without even a platform to manage software updates. This means that as IoT devices expand into enterprise and public hands, their generous and talkative nature can be used as a point of weakness in itself (IoT devices have recently been used as ‘zombies’ to orchestrate unprecedented DDoS attacks).

Pod Protect acts as a filter to this free-flow of data, allowing all healthy network traffic to pass through, and alerting you to anything ‘suspicious’ as it learns which traffic is normal for your device. Because all the work is done via a probe in our network infrastructure, Pod Protect is compatible with even the simplest of IoT devices, and can be fitted into any existing system with no extra effort.

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Pod Protect infographic

Key Features

  • Threat Detection – Pod Protect analyses your network traffic using machine learning to figure out what is normal for your device.
  • Agentless Monitoring – Because the probes are integrated within our network, any cellular device can be monitored without the need for any applications or integration on your end.
  • Proactive Reporting – The Pod Protect dashboard gives you in-depth reports into high, medium and low risk threats, so you can prioritize for your application.
  • Heuristic Protection – The heuristic machine learning algorithm compares its findings with a global sensor network to improve detection even further and keep ‘false positives’ to a minimum.

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