Network Monitoring

Deep network intelligence


Advanced diagnostics

In tandem with our SIM monitoring platform, this offers the possibility to oversee all aspects of device communication.

Powering analytics

Capture and classify vital data, receive feedback on device traffic and usage profiles.



Analyse and solve connectivity issues instantly using a sophisticated network probe.

What we offer

Network Monitoring

For advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting, a network operations capability can be combined with a SIM monitoring platform to be able to monitor device communications. This adds additional alerts and reporting functionality particularly relevant for mission-critical applications that cannot lose connectivity.

There are several aspects which can be monitored depending on your requirements:

  • The connectivity of devices (e.g. the serving network, if devices are in session and passing traffic)
  • Proactive alerting
  • Monitoring of device health and alarms

Deep Network Intelligence

Network based probes can be used to collect statistics on device usage.

These include:

  • Traffic flow based analytics to monitor and report on device usage/traffic profile. including traffic type and destination.  This information allows a deeper insight into your traffic and the monitoring for rogue communications.
  • A network based probe to provide real-time troubleshooting of device connectivity and facilitate new device deployment and service creation. This can be used to deeply analyse the connectivity of the devices which can be useful in optimising device behaviour.

Suitable for:

Mission critical devices: Security, Personal Safety, Tracking
It is specifically suitable for monitoring exceptions to low data traffic, optimising frequency of device connectivity/communications, and for analysing devices which are at risk of misuse.

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