Location Services

An alternative or supplement to traditional GPS tracking

Alternative to GPS

Location Based Services (LBS) can track the position of SIM cards even when GPS is unavailable.

Cell-ID Look up

Use the network and / or triangulation to identify the whereabouts of your devices at any given time.


Provides round-the-clock monitoring of assets locations, personnel and machinery.

What we offer

Location based services (LBS) can be used as an alternative mechanism and to supplement traditional GPS tracking services. This is useful for tracking where GPS coverage is not available, e.g. enclosed environments or where there is no GPS installed. Pod Solutions can offer several services depending on your requirements.

Network Based queries

  • Cell-ID Lookup Service – Being able to resolve sets of Cell-IDs (MCC/MNC, LAC, Cell-ID, signal strength) to a LAT / LON co-ordinate. Supports location queries where the device does not know or have access to GPS, e.g. where the device is out of GPS coverage, or is a non-GPS enabled device.
  • Mobile Network queries – Using a query to the network to find the current or last known location of a SIM card. (MCC/MNC, LAC, Cell-ID).
  • Periodic and proactive tracking service – Using the above network queries to perform proactive tracking for a device, or set of devices. The results are displayed on a web-interface.

Device reporting

  • By closely integrating with a telemetry device, it is possible to use its available networks (Cell-ID / WiFi Access points) to determine its approximate location.
  • Network information is captured from the device using mobile data or SMS to allow location triangulation via a centralised platform.

Suitable for

  • Tracking
  • Telematics / Insurance
  • Personal Safety
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Agriculture
  • Security

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