Inbound Mobile Numbering Services

The numbers advantage!

Circumvent number scarcity

Ensure network access using alternative numbering system.


Flexible applications

Using additional numbers to enhance a device or solution capability.

The sky's the limit

Provision of multiple inbound numbers, routing directly to SIM cards or platform.

What we offer

With the increased number of M2M/IoT devices, access to mobile numbering resources can often be restricted to due to regulation and/or network constraints over number utilisation.

We recognise that some solutions rely on end-users or systems to be able to interact with a real mobile number using voice or SMS services.

Pod Solutions works with networks and number vendors to provide access to numbering in a range of countries globally, despite shrinking access to mobile numbering resources as the IoT expands.

Inbound Mobile Numbering

Pod Solutions can provide inbound numbers which route to SIM cards, or via a front-end platform to add value to an M2M/IoT solution.

  • Our platform allows for the independent routing of voice and SMS services, independent of our SIM cards
  • SMS services are provided using SMPP or HTTP API
  • Voice services are delivered using SIP

Suitable for

  • MNOs
  • MVNOs
  • M2M / IoT Service Providers
  • OTT Service Providers

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