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Custom Solutions

We build the solutions you need


End-to-end Solutions

We take our customers from concept to deployment, with a track record of complex and innovative connectivity solutions spanning more than a decade.


Hardware to meet your needs

Through our partnership with high-end, quality device manufacturers, we are able to integrate tried and tested equipment ready for deployment.


Complete support and follow-through are at the heart of our customer relations philosophy. We take pride in our exceptional track record of being there all the way!

What we can offer

Our focus is on the design and development of custom solutions for Enterprises and Service Providers looking to find innovative ways to deliver end-to-end connectivity solutions. Throughout this process, we work closely with strategic partners to bring together a unique blend of knowledge and experience in every aspect of the connected device market.

The company has formed strategic alliances with

  • Device manufacturers
  • IoT platform providers
  • Wholesale voice interconnect providers
  • Service delivery platforms

These combined services encompass an end-to-end architecture for solution delivery. Some examples of custom solutions are included below, however we can assess any project via an initial consultation and thereafter create a strategy and development plan spanning the entire solution from start to finish, including design, testing, implementation and ongoing monitoring.

Examples of custom solutions

Connected Device

Pod Solutions utilises its close relationships with market leading, innovative device design and manufacturing specialists to realise service concepts.

Our Connected Device services allow you to focus on the desired solution outcome, rather than the complexity and mechanics of how a service can be delivered.

Project involvement includes a service development lifecycle of technical feasibility, design, prototyping, firmware development and cloud platform integration. The Connected Device(s) can then be integrated with our connectivity solutions to provide an end-to-end service architecture.

M2M turnkey platform

Pod Solutions can provide a complete M2M turnkey platform, including a Billing Engine, Network Integration elements, Front-end management platform and network core elements (HLR/HSS, GGSN/PGW) as required. This solution can be combined with a multi-IMSI and SIM OTA platform and there is an opportunity to work in partnership to incorporate additional IMSIs into the platform and grow the solution.

Suitable for

  • Mobile Network Operators
  • New M2M providers

Multi-IMSI and SIM Over The Air Solution

Pod Solutions leverages the PodM2M multi-IMSI SIM technology, which is independent of a SIM manufacturer to avoid any vendor lock-in. This solution encompasses a wider end-to-end solution with the supply of a SIM OTA platform and the supply of SIM cards.

Suitable for

  • MNOs
  • MVNOs
  • M2M / IoT Service Providers


Tell us about your project!

We want to help make your project a reality by solving the complex problems that often create barriers to market. Fill in our online form and tell us what you want to achieve.

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